Where is God When I Feel Alone?

“Turn to me and be gracious to me, for I am lonely and afflicted…” ~ Psalms 25:16


I was having coffee and fellowship with a young woman a few weeks ago. I asked if there was anything I could pray for, and what she said made my heart heavy. “I feel alone in my struggles, even when I’m surrounded by people. I’m away from home, and I feel as though I dont have anyone.” In the days following, I begun to see a trend in others I conversed with. So many people feel secluded, or standed, when they are never truly alone.


So why do we get lonely? God created man to live among others. He did not create man to live alone. From the very beginning, God set the example when he created Eve for adam. He did not want man to be alone. “Then the Lord said, ‘It is not good  for the man to be alone.’” Genesis 2:18. Most often we feel more vulnerable to loneliness when we get taken out of our current situation and moved into a new one. This could be changing schools, going off to college, deploying, etc. The important thing to remember is God always has what’s best in mind. There is always a reason for the situation you are going through.


Is God working in my loneliness? If God created us to be in community with people, then why would he take me out of mine, and move me? Sometimes, God uses a season of loneliness to speak something into your life; complete silence in order to hear His voice. Many times has God lead someone into solitude so he could speak to them. He lead Moses into the dessert, David away from home, Abraham up a mountain, and Jesus into the garden. If you are experiencing feelings of loneliness, the best place to start is to get down on your knees. Listen for God’s voice of direction. God is the cure to loneliness. In Psalms David writes “You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book” 56:8. God sees you in your sadness and heartbreak, he sees every tear that falls and he remembers. God keeps track of all the weight on your soul  so he can heal them.


How does God want me to handle my loneliness? If God welcomes a time of loneliness in my life, how should I handle it? God works in mysterious ways, and sometimes in obvious ways. In every situation, we were created to go through it all together. Whether we dance or cry, we should do it together. Here’s the real truth: we are never truly alone. We may feel like we are, or even feel outcast at times, but we are never truly alone. We always have Him to lean on. There is no crevice or crack where we can dwell where He is not also. Psalms 139: 7-8 says “I can never escape from your Spirit! I can never get away from  your presence! If I go up to heaven, you are there; if I go down to the grave, you are there.” How great is it that you have a friend with you at all times, who has your best interest at heart! So when you are alone, whether it be in your dorm at a new school, a new house across the country, or in your own bedroom, take advantage of the time you have. Take the peace and quiet to connect with God. I have come to thoroughly enjoy my alone time. I create a calm atmosphere and have a conversation with my Creator.


So what does this mean for Millennials? In whatever season of life you are in, if you feel lonely, remember you are not alone. Reach out to God and pray, make quiet time a priority in your day. Become a part of community. God created us to live in community with each other, not around each other. Become apart of a Church, or start a small group where you are. I can guarantee you are not the only person feeling these emotions. The most powerful thing we as Christians can do, is form community. The devil loves to make us feel isolated and lonely, because we are easier to hold back. When we stand together as the Body of Christ, we are unstoppable. Let the Millennial Christians take over! One step forward may change your life, and you may change another.


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