About Us

The Millennial Christian is a weekly christian blog devoted to Millennial’s battling with our present day culture. Many believe the Bible isn’t applicable to the sorrows and trials we face today, but that could not be more wrong. We hope that you will find peace, guidance, hope, and a community here at The Millennial Christian. We hope that God speaks to you through these weekly devotionals.

About the Writer:

Alexis Aldrich is the creator and writer of The Millennial Christian Blog. She grew up one of 7 sisters in the town of Middleton, WI before moving to Charlotte, NC as a teenager with her family. Starting from a young age, Alexis was always involved in ministry. Her passion for Women’s ministry started when she became a Christian mentor for middle-school girls. As the years went on, she saw how women were being affected by the ways of the world and wanted to do something about it. Out of that feeling,  The Millennial Christian blog was born.  The Millennial Christian Blog is written by a millennial woman for millennials. She hopes this blog will help people grow in their faith, find a community, and go through life together.


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